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There are multiple media formats available on for live streaming, playing, and downloading audio and video files. Please review the different formats listed below for additional information.

Flash Media:
Flash is the widely popular multi-media format from Adobe that plays digital audio and video. If you are unable to play our flash audio and video, you may need to download the latest browser plugin from

Download Flash Player >>

Downloading Media:
A Podcast is a digital audio or video program that is produced on a regular basis. Users can download or subscribe to Podcast feeds in multiple digital formats for playback on various digital media devices, such as computers, iPods/iTunes, and MP3 players.

The most common download formats offered on are MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) files. MP3 files can be played in most digital audio players, such as iPods/iTunes and Windows Media Player. MP4 files can be played in many digital video players, such as iPods/iTunes or Quicktime.

NOTE:  Check the owner's manual for your digital media player for additional information about playing or subscribing to MP3 or MP4 podcasts.

Download Quicktime>>
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Streaming Media:
RealMedia is a multimedia format from RealNetworks that plays streaming digital audio and video files over the Internet. Files with the extension .RM, .RAM, .SML, and .SMIL can only be played using the RealPlayer, which can be downloaded for free on

Download RealPlayer >>