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Postgame Quotes: Dynamo 2, Revolution 0

Postgame quotes after the Revolution fell to the Houston Dynamo 2-0 at Gillette Stadium on May 3, 2009.


“Most of our problems have come from lack of game sense. We have so many young guys playing, and you’re playing against a team who’s just a good experienced team. They’re a good solid team. They don’t overcomplicate things. They have two guys up front who hold the ball, and we can’t hold the ball. Which means it makes everything else very difficult. Game sense, game knowledge, is what beat us today.”

“We gave them a goal, and obviously they just sat and went from there. The second goal was just a second example of what I’m talking about. We lose a corner and they’re dangerous on corners – there’s no question about that. But in the space of two minutes we give them a corner because we have two guys who just fall asleep and they get the corner. If they don’t do that, then it nullifies that. Two seconds later, again, instead of putting the ball for a throw-in, we’re giving them another corner for no apparent reason. It’s game intelligence that’s the biggest problem. Well, not the biggest problem, but one of a few problems.”

“We can’t away from the fact that we have half a team missing, so you can’t have it all ways. Earlier on we got results – we bashed results out. And the last couple of weeks we haven’t managed to do that. (It has) nothing to do with the effort. There’s certainly no problem with effort. It’s lack of knowledge and how to go about doing things – picking and choosing the right decision, when to just to clear the ball, when not to roll the ball who’s got someone up his backside. It’s a whole ton of wee stuff like that which, when you don’t put it together, makes it very difficult …”

“A lot of it is experience. Can you work on it? Yeah, absolutely, you can work on it and re-create it and all that stuff, but eventually, you have to soak it in. It has to register at one point … The bottom line is that the most frustrating thing for me is the decision making is poor. The decision making is poor from us and it’s costing us. I’d certainly like to think that if we can get some experience back then it will make a huge difference. I don’t see why it won’t, but it’s tough at the present time. Sometimes it’s a tough game.”

“We did have a few chances in the game. Stephane (Assengue) maybe could have done better (when he) put the ball wide. That was a chance, albeit from not the prettiest piece of football, but it’s a chance. Shalrie (Joseph) had a chance when he was open in the box, but his first touch let him down. We probably could have stayed here all night and not scored.”


“I just need to try to be a bit sharper in training this week and make a different mistake next time. It’s unfortunate that we gave away that goal pretty easily. It’s tough for us right now. We have to play perfect.”

“Everybody’s got to look at themselves and see what they can do better. The coaches give us a game plan and we have to execute that. Right now we’re not doing it. We all need to look at ourselves and try to get better. The next game’s not going to be easy. We’re going to Chicago and we can’t keep giving the same kind of performances we’ve been giving … (we have to) take a look and see what you’ve done well and what you’ve done wrong and work on the things you’ve done wrong and try to do things you do well a little bit more.”

“As a team, we have to start doing the right things more, more often and get into a good rhythm. Right now we’re little bit disjointed and we’re not flowing and we’re not playing well as a team. Changes are going to have to be made, and we’re going to have to adjust to that.”

“Injuries are one thing, but we changed formations today, so we need to be better in a 3-5-2. We have to hold the ball up well and we have to get chances, which we haven’t done much. We just need to try to create ea few more scoring chances.”


“It was difficulty today just the game the day went – we didn’t have a rhythm or many passes together. It was just tough to formulate an attack at all. I don’t think we really had any good chances at goal. In terms of being an attacking midfielder today, it didn’t really work all that well since we didn’t get an attack going. We know what we need to work on – we know what we did well and what we didn’t do well today. It’s a new formation now we’re trying now as opposed to the 4-4-2 we played earlier in the season, so we’re going to build on what happened today.”


On launching Taylor’s Team with Children’s Hospital Boston …
“I was extremely nervous today coming here. Taylor’s Team means a lot, not only to the organization, but to me personally. Children’s Hospital has done an amazing job of getting sports into the kids’ rooms. Unfortunately, the Revs weren’t one of those sports, so a couple of years ago, I knew sooner or later I had to take it into my own hands and get the Revs into that hospital.

On being on the bench today …
“It’s been a long haul, but we’re almost there. Obviously, when it’s your spine and you neck you need to be careful and it’s one day at a time. But I’ll be playing shortly and we’ll have some fun … I take a little pride in how I got injured because at least I was playing the way I normally do – putting my head in there where it probably shouldn’t have been. But this team needs a spark, and I think I can give these guys a spark. It’s killing me, but that’s why I was on the bench today, warming up and trying to get these guys going because we don’t look like the Revolution of old, and we’re soon going to be there.”


On the win…
“You always want to try and win. Look at the game last night and Chivas was pulling away so it’s important for us to keep pace so this is a big three points for us. For the guys’ confidence, sure we played pretty well tonight. Anytime you’re below some people, it’s important to try and pick up points no matter where you’re are.”

On getting the early goal by Holden…
“We just missed a good chance minutes before with Kei (Kamara) where Matt (Reis) makes a good save and then we got a little bit of fortune. It’s always helpful to take the lead and come into the locker room on the road.

“The guys were pretty upbeat with the way they’ve been playing, so yeah, it’s very important to get the first goal. Knowing that it’s happed the previous week here, maybe some heads go down and ours go up and theirs go down, sometimes you can benefit from that.”

“We defended pretty well. We really didn’t have too many great saves. The back four held well. Andrew had a good debut for us coming in for Wade for us going against a great player. We haven’t beaten these guys in a while so it’s nice to get that going, but all in all just to get three points is important.”

On his team’s performance…
“It was probably the most consistent all around. I still go back to San Jose, we played some great soccer that night, but defensively we weren’t on top of it. Tonight was probably our best all around consistent performance of the year.”

“Tonight our attack was good. We created some good chances. Kei and Brian (Ching) played well together and then defensively I thought our back four held pretty well. We won 2-0 on the road. I don’t care who’s out there for them. I know Steve has them organized and ready to play so anytime you can win a game, you’re happy.”

On catching New England after they lost 6-0 last weekend…
“You knew it wasn’t going to be 6-0. You knew they were going to come out and play better and I thought they did. I think sometimes when things just aren’t going your way, they’re just not going your way. I think we’ve gotten a little bit of fortune in the last two games with Pat (Onstad)’s penalty kick save late in the game and then the first goal here, and their luck has not turned around for them.”


On shooting more today that usual…
“If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. I’ve been holding back a little bit, looking to pass too much so I took a couple shots today and got lucky.”

On his goal…
“I was running the other way, ready for him to punt it and I saw it go in the goal. It’s my first goal of the season and hopefully it can get me going on a little bit of a roll goal scoring wise.”

On how his goal affected the game…
“It gave us the 1-0 lead and I think aside from the goal I scored, I think we were kind of on top of them. We could’ve had a number of other chances – unlucky not to be two or three goals up at halftime. For that one to go in, it let us ease off a little bit and a little bit of a relief to go into the half at 1-0 and I think in the second half we came out on top and to end the game 2-0 was a solid result away from home”

On the team’s building momentum…
“We played some good stuff the first part of the season, and maybe got a little unlucky with the results, and now we’re getting a bit of momentum with the win against Colorado and obviously Pat (Onstad’s) save was hopefully a big turning point for us this year. The bye week was good to recuperate a little bit and we’re just glad we didn’t get out of a rhythm and we came in and played some good stuff tonight and we’re glad to get the win.”