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Postgame Quotes: Revolution 4, Red Bulls 0

Postgame quotes after the Revolution defeated the New York Red Bulls 4-0 at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, June 7.

New England Revolution head coach Steve Nicol

Did you expect to score four goals?
“We defended pretty solid but we certainly can get better passing the ball. I don’t think we passed it as well as we can do. We should be happy we won four nil at home, so we’re happy, but we aren’t daft. We lost (six) at Salt Lake and we didn’t get carried away so we aren’t getting carried away winning by four. So we are pleased but we think we can be better than what we were.”

After winning four to nothing, are players able to hold the ball longer with that result?
“Well we would have liked to have held it better but it’s something we have to work on. When you’re four up you should be relaxed. I don’t want to seem too harsh but I just think we can be better. We think we can be better and we need to strive to be better.”

On Heaps’ attacking efforts tonight …
“We encourage Kevin (Alston) and (Jay) Heaps to go forward if they can go forward. As far as them picking and choosing the right times, if you go at the wrong times you can get caught and get in trouble defensively, but today (Heaps) chose the perfect times to go forward and when not to. He scores one and makes one and he puts it in today in his 300th game. You couldn’t wish for more.”

On the timing of Heaps’ first-half stoppage-time goal.
“(You’re) a bit tired when you play Thursday and Sunday. It seems to be very difficult, but I think it was a good time for us to score, and then we had to come out somewhat and leave some holes, and like I said, the second half with Taylor (Twellman), he’s always dangerous in the box. As long as you can get the ball in the box when he’s playing, his percentages are good and he’s going to get on the end of some of them. And usually when he does, he puts it in the net.”

The importance of Twellman’s goal.
“Considering it was his 100th goal, from that particular reason its good. But that’s what he’s all about. All he’s interested in is scoring goals and let’s hope he continues to do it.”

How did it feel to break three records tonight?
“Well I think during the week when we look back we will be more happy about it. We don’t get carried away when we lose and we aren’t going to get carried away winning. But if we are going to be winning every week and we are still striving to be better, than that’s a good thing.”

New England Revolution defender Jay Heaps

On his goal …
“Well it was funny because I knew that it was almost in injury time, so that was the reason I made a run that deep. I saw (Steve Ralston) go down and Rallie’s so good and Sainey (Nyassi), too, that they did a great little one-two on the sideline. I knew that if I got somewhere in the box that there’d be a chance they’d come across and Rallie was up there for that.”

On his first game …
“I do remember. It was against New York and it was in Miami. I just remember it because it was my first game in Miami and it was against New York. I actually scored a head-ball goal in that game but then I missed a penalty kick in the shootout. It was a dribble shootout.”

On the momentum shift in the second half:
“Going into the locker room I think that we had some chances, they had some chances, but we weren’t playing great. We were a little stagnant in our runs. Getting a goal just lifts everyone, so coming out we were real high at halftime and we just carried it over into the second half. If we get into their half, we’re a much better team when we can play in their half, and we did that tonight.”

On the milestone night for him:
“I think for me it’s special, because most of my career’s been here, and I love playing here. For me, I never ever put a goal on getting 300 (career games), I didn’t even know about until this year. Really, for me, I just want everyone to know that I play every game as if it was my last, and I think that’s something that I’m proud of, that I never hold anything back - playoffs, regular season - I want to leave everything I have on the field.”

New England Revolution forward Taylor Twellman

On his return to the field:
“I want to thank God just for giving me an opportunity to get healthy again. It’s been a long road, but I don’t know, it’s hard to put it into words, but for me, I’ve been blessed playing with so many good guys … (Steve) Ralston, Shalrie (Joseph), (Jay) Heaps, you can go down the line, everyone that’s been there for six, seven, eight years. They’ve made the job real easy. And Stevie Nicol and Paul (Mariner). Really, it’s the fruition of what my teammates have done while I’m just doing my job.”

On his 100th goal:
“Well (Steve Ralston) and I talked about it, I wanted his 100th assist and he wanted my 100th goal, but we’re just a complete team and it’s been a lot of fun. I know I scored a hundred goals, but that just means my team’s been doing their job and I’m just finishing all their hard work.”

On the team’s return to form:
“That’s the first time the entire team has celebrated a goal. If anything, that will be the highlight of my Revolution career, hands down for me. To have everyone come over, it was pretty [freaking] cool, to be honest. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It was awesome.”

On the service on his two goals tonight:
“It’s been that way my whole career. All I have to do is get open and you’re going to have guys find you and play great balls to you. It’s kind of ridiculous how good the service I’ve had the seven or eight years I’ve been here. For me, it was a typical goal, I scored on a head-ball and a sliding shot tonight from Steve Ralston and Shalrie (Joseph).”

New York Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio

On giving up goals in a half’s final minutes …
“I think it is just that, the pressure. In the last five minutes, we were in the game and seemingly relaxed and counting down. But in the end it was all about the first goal. After that, it was very hard to mentally get the team back in to the game.”

On the second-half problems being about the team’s mentality…
“No, I think the guys gave it their all. I think that when things don’t go right, they just don’t go right. In the first half, we had more than enough to at least have been tied, but we conceded a very soft goal towards the end and after that I think mentally the guys were all battling back, trying to get into the game.”

On whether they can still make the playoffs…
“Well, that is the objective. Until we have a chance, I will never deviate from that fact that we still can fight and win some games. Today, I think the second half differed from the first because we competed and were in the game.”

New York Red Bulls defender Jeremy Hall

On how much the mental game is playing a part for their team now…
“At this point, I don’t really know what it is. I guess we played good for the first 44 and a half minutes and in the last 30 seconds, we gave up a goal that killed us. Everybody’s heads went down. I thought at half time we talked about coming out strong, but then they got the second, third and fourth goals, and just buried us. So I don’t know what it is at this point, but it needs to turn around.”

On giving up late goals because of losing focus…
“It’s when there is injury time and stuff. I don’t know if people are falling asleep, thinking the ref is going to blow the whistle. Other teams keep figuring it out. They watch the tape and say well if we keep fighting then they will give up. That is what it seems like. It is just frustrating.”

New York Red Bulls Midfielder Nick Zimmerman

On his first-career start …
“It was a great atmosphere and environment and I felt like we came in prepared. It was unfortunate the way the game ended, but it definitely felt good to get out there. It was a good game to come into.”

On what happened in the second half…
“I take full responsibility for the second goal. That is unacceptable. I misjudged it and made a mistake. It cost the guys a second goal early in the second half and it was just a huge uphill battle from there. So I take full responsibility. I should have done better and I let the guys down.”

On feeling like he belongs in this league…
“I felt good to be out there and I think the guys around me are really the ones that deserve the credit. They make the runs and make my job easy. They give me confidence. So credit really goes to them and the coaching staff. I wouldn’t say that I belong in this league, but it definitely feels good to be out there.”