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Postgame Quotes: Red Bulls 3, Revs 0

Postgame quotes after the Revs fell to the NY Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena


On the match:
“We could’ve killed the game with Conor Chinn. Conor Chinn had three opportunities to score, with that it probably could have been two or three-zero by halftime but nothing really happened in the passing game. Too many unforced errors but in the second half, much, much more service and good possession. That helped to control the game.”

On Jeremy Hall:
“Jeremy needs more games to play in the one position. He still has to take them on more 1 v 1. He is making too many support passes when he can turn with the ball and be more of a wing player, but playing that many games as a fullback, I think he definitely needs more time to become more of an attacking wide player.”

On Brian Nielsen and Sinisa Ubiparipovic:
Yea, I think Brian is showing about his pace, his technique is good, he has a very good strike, and I think he will just improve game-by-game that’s for sure. Sinisa, he’s a great midfield player, an attacking one, I think it was important for him to score a goal today. He needed that confidence for the next couple of games. I still think he can play in a wide position. In a way, the two midfield players controlled the game.”

On the attacking game:
“I wish when we start to build up when we pass the midfield and run back to the same space and you lose 15-20 yards all the time, you are no threat in a way when you play like that. It’s too many side passes and too many support passes you have to turn with the ball back and we have to attack much, much more when we have the possibilities, otherwise we just slowed the game down.”


On his performance:
“It feels really good. Obviously the biggest thing is that we won, and we advanced in the Open Cup, that’s great for us. We’re a team that has high aspirations this year and we’re going to compete in every competition that we’re in, so that’s first and foremost. I’m glad I got a chance to run around and make some plays. It definitely wasn’t my best performance, but I’ll take it. I still have a little fitness to work on, but overall, definitely a good step in the right direction.”

On getting a chance to play:
“Sometimes it’s tough when you don’t get a lot of time. But it’s a competitive team. We have a lot of great guys on this team. My opportunities to play might be limited, so I have to make sure I make the best of them when I can.”


On his fitness:
“I think I still have a little ways to go. I’ve yet to play 90 (minutes) so that’s obviously a real match. It’s going to be a couple of more games before I really feel fit, like I know I can be fit. Whether it’s serviceable now, it may be, but I know I have a little bit more, a higher level to get to, in terms of fitness.”

On if he’s ready for league action going forward:
“Whatever’s needed of me. We have to bounce back after a rough one at San Jose, and if we need some extra bodies to come in and help out, I’m ready.”

On his comeback from injury:
“It’s been a long time. I basically rehabbed for a year, and had a couple surgeries, and did another 3-4 moths of intensive rehab. So I’ve been going at it for long time, so it’s kind of a reward for the hard work. That’s kind of what this games about, so it’s nice to get out there and play finally.”


On the victory:
“I think everybody came out from the get-go and came out with the right attitude, we all played hard, played for each other. We knew if we did that the result would come.”

On his goal:
“I talked to Brian (Nielsen). The one previous free kick I had from a similar position, I took it and it wasn’t good enough. I told him maybe he can play me in, to take a shot. I’ve been practicing them in training and doing them well, so I thought I’d give it a shot, and luckily it went in.”

On the team trying to compete in multiple competitions:
“Any club has to look at the Open Cup as an opportunity to play more games and to win another cup. We have a lot of games in the next three or four weeks, and I think we have a lot of guys that are in good form and are ready to play whether it’s in the league or in the cup.”


On his fitness:
“I feel pretty good. After 90 minutes I’m going to be a little more sore than I should be. But I think just keep training, one or two more games, and I’m there. Now it’s just trying to get rid of the soreness of playing 90 minutes, but I feel good.”

On players making contributions during the Open Cup:
“It’s what it’s all about. Especially for guys like me, coming off an injury. And the young guys, getting an opportunity to play a game, and you have to prove yourself. I think we have a great squad this year because we’re deep, and we can have guys come in and out. It’s a big part of the MLS season, there’s a lot of games and it’s a long season. We’re going to need everybody and right now, it looks great. It’s exciting that we don’t lose a beat.”


On tonight’s match:
“I think we did all right. They had a few decent chances in the first half particularly. But I’m disappointed in the first two goals, the first one was clearly offside, and the second one the guy was standing in an offside position besides the goalkeeper … Those two goals for me shouldn’t have been goals.”

On the versatility of his lineup:
“You just can’t ask for anymore, you know. You always give it what you got.”

On Bob Shuttleworth’s performance:
“He did fine… you don’t want to give up the first goal but like I said, one was offside, he made a good save he was just unlucky with the goal, there was nothing else to do in the first half. He did OK. I’m saying, I think the second goal he was interfered with. But I spoke to him and he thinks he probably should have done better.”


On tonight’s match:
“I thought in the first half we did fine, created a couple of chances, passed the ball OK. Their goal was questionable, but whatever. I thought overall, we did OK considering the personnel we had and guys playing different positions all over the field, the effort was there. There is stuff that we can take from it, you know we are just looking to being fit for this weekend.”

On the importance of moving on after tonight:
“I think that is the most important point. Our focus is on the league and the more healthy bodies we have for selection on Saturday, the better.”

On playing as a defender:
“It was awkward to say the least, can’t say I enjoyed it but I’m happy to play whereever Stevie (Nicol) and the team need me. (Nicol) told me likes to play me in a bunch of different positions and I’m happy to do so. You know, wherever injuries dictate I’m needed to slot in, and that is fine with me.”