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Postgame Quotes: Toronto FC 1, Revs 0

Postgame quotes after the Revs fell to Toronto FC at BMO Field on May 22, 2010.


Thoughts on game….
“Obviously a really tough game, we came out of the locker and the first second of the game we had an incredible chance to take the lead. We don’t score and then a few minutes they had a really good chance and Stefan makes a save – or hits him in the face or whatever you call it but he did a good job standing up and he makes an important save for us.”

“It wasn’t the prettiest game you’ll ever see in your life but you see two teams that came and fought and two teams that were depleted with the guys – so we knew from that perspective it would be a tough game for us. Coming off a big road trip it was important for us not to give away anything silly and we managed to do that. At the end of the day we scored a goal.”

Was asked about what’s change since the last loss 4-1 at NE…
“Well, I thought in New England in the first 45 minutes we played really good. We were leading 1-0 and then we made a couple mistakes and a couple of minutes later we are losing 2..3-1. I think we’ve come a long way; the group is working hard now they believe in each other they are working for each other. That’s why you see we are getting a little bit of success.”


Talks about missing some regulars in the backline…
“Obviously Jules (de Guzman) and Dwayne (DeRosario) weren’t here as well but they are all important players in this team, not just the 11 guys that you see most often, it’s everybody. We are a big family, a big team and we win or lose together.”

On the save he made early, that went off him….
“It was just more fortunate that he put it very close to me, I mean too close for me to get my hands up so I just tried to make myself big go up, and it was enough to get the ball out. The few chances they had their crossing was pretty good Joseph was open 3 times in the second half…and haven’t seen miss too many chances so we were fortunate there. It went our way today and we got the 3 points.”


Thoughts on game…which was difficult
“Yeah considering we had a 3 game road trip, then coming back here finishing up the week on a high we did a great job and came thought with the 3 points and the victory.”

On backline playing well…
“I think we are getting the “jist” of everyone’s tendencies now and we’re showing that great in the back, as well as in the midfield and up top. I think game in and game out moving forward we’re just getting used to one another and it’s only going to get better.”


Thoughts on game…
“One-zero was disappointing. I think towards the end of the match we had a couple of chances and we could have put away and we deserved at least a point out of it. Just a bit disappointing. I think we just take care of the ball better and we’ll do better the next match.”

“I think they played well as a team, they scored the goal that they needed and they prevailed at the end.”

On the atmosphere in BMO Field…
“They have the support behind them I think it does a lot for MLS and for them also, you can’t say enough about this crowd they were behind them 100% and they were awesome.”


Thoughts in general…
“I thought we deserved something out of it, you know we lost the game but it was our own doing. We didn’t pass the ball well and whenever we did we weren’t dangerous but we didn’t do it often enough.”

“It’s always good to play here – one of the best. Good place to come, good place to play unfortunately we just didn’t play it as often as we should of done when we had the ball.”