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Postgame Quotes: Revs 1, Pumas 0

Postgame quotes after the Revolution defeated Pumas in SuperLiga 2010 group play at Gillette Stadium on July 14, 2010.

New England Revolution head coach Steve Nicol
It’s a chance to get some people some time, but we also want to win and do well. It’s just a case of balancing between getting people on the field and being competitive – and I think we managed it.

We kind of ran out of steam in the second half. We put a lot into Saturday (a 2-0 win against LA). When you go ahead, you tend to sit back a little bit and make sure you don’t give anything away. But I think more than anything we ran out of steam in the second half. We put so much into Saturday that it caught up to us in the second half, and especially in the last 20 minutes.

New England Revolution goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth
I thought (Pumas UNAM) played a lot better in the second half. They were moving the ball a lot more, going out wide and whipping it but I think we did a good job of trapping our runners.

Everyone’s out there to win and if we can get two or three wins together it will help us gain momentum for the rest of the season.

New England Revolution forward Zack Schilawski
I think we had a little bit of momentum going which I think is fortunate, because it was really good timing to play another game. The better we can get at consistently playing this way and getting used to playing with each other again, I think is beneficial.

I don’t have a lot of experience playing against Mexican teams, so that was exciting for me. I thought they were good with the ball. It is a little bit different in terms of when they pressure you and how they pressure you defensively. It was fun.

We still have a lot of games left in the league, and the SuperLiga is a big tournament. We take it seriously and we want to win as many games in that tournament, as well. It’s great to get a win in the first round.

New England Revolution midfielder Shalrie Joseph
It’s definitely something to build on and to go into Saturday against Chicago, though you’ve got to remember it’s a different tournament and it’s a different opponent we played tonight. It still feels good to get a win at home. Still a lot of things we need to work on to be a better team but tonight we got a victory and Zack (Schilawski) scored a brilliant goal and we’ll move on from there.

It’s just a quick turnaround. You play (Saturday,) Wednesday, Saturday, [Tuesday] just like that the games are all back-to-back. And also we’ve been lucky to be on the right side of a lot of the games and we look forward to doing that on Saturday.

Ah they’re such a good team, you can tell. They move the ball well, they possess the ball well and they’re very physical. For us, it’s all about staying organized and staying as a team together defending well and trying to break when we get the opportunity. Tonight, it came off a set piece from Marko (Perovi?) and Zack (Schilawski), and lucky for us, it went in.

They’re a great team. They’re very organized and they’ve obviously been playing together for a while and with us struggling a little bit it’s hard to play the kind of game you want to play where you possess the ball and move it forward and get it wide. Set pieces are important, set piece makes a difference. Regarding the game tonight it came from a corner and we’ve been working on that in practice and tonight it worked out for us.

Pumas UNAM director tecnico Guillermo Vazquez
Bueno, me parece que en el primer tiempo empezamos bien, y después empezamos a perder muchos balones y a dejar a pasar el rival y cometimos algunos errors en el gol, sobre todo que les dimos ahí ventaja y no le podemos dar una ventaja porque pasa esto. Pero para el segundo tiempo la gente que entró de relevo lo hizo bastante bien. El equipo mostró personalidad, carácter, fue a buscar el gol que al final del cuento no lo logramos.

Well, it seems that we started off well in the first half, and then we started to lose the ball, get beat by our opponents, commit a lot of errors in the goal and above all, give them the advantage in the match, and we cannot give them any advantages because then this happens. But in the second half, our substitutes did well. The team demonstrated personality, character and went in search of the goal that, in the end, we did not get.

Hemos tenido tres partidos amistosos, pero este es el primero de competencia. Sabíamos que iba a ser fuerte porque en todos los partidos para un campionato se compiten. Creo que el equipo después de ciertos partidos va a entrar con las misma determinación que hoy lo hizo en el segundo tiempo.

We have had three friendlies, but this was the first competitive one. We knew it was going to be tough because teams always compete when in search of a championship - in this case, the SuperLiga title). I think that after a certain number of matches, our team will start off every game with the same determination as they did today in the second half.

Pumas UNAM forward Juan Francisco Palencia
Creo que hicimos un buen partido, pero fue decidido por un balón parado que (Los Revs) supieron aprovechar muy bien. Ellos tuvieron un buen partido y ahora tenemos una derrota y tenemos que ganar los otros partidos.

I think we played a good game, but it was decided by a dead ball that (the Revolution) were able to take advantage of. They had a good game and now we have a loss and have to win the remaining games.

(Los Revs) juegan muy vertical. No tienen mucho la pelota, mas bien la lanzan y después la recuperan y de ahí empiezan a jugar en nuestro lado. Creo que los contrarrestamos bien, pero en el balón parado se decidió todo.

They have a very vertical style of playing. They don’t keep the ball for too long, instead they kick it up the field and try to get it back so that they can play in our side of the field. I think we did a good job at stopping them, but the dead ball decided everything.

Pumas UNAM midfielder Leandro Augusto
La jugada del gol fue la única que tuvieron en el primer tiempo. Fuimos mejor que ellos en la retención de la pelota, pero no pudimos concretar y eso marcó la diferencia en el partido.

The play for the goal was the only one they had in the first half. We were better that them in terms of possession, but we couldn’t score and that made the difference in the game.

El rebote de la pelota es un poco distinto, pero de todas maneras tuvimos mejor posesión de la pelota y tuvimos mas llegadas. El gol de Martin Bravo parecía no estar en fuera de lugar tampoco.

The bounce of the ball was a little different, but we still had more possession and more chances on goal. Martin Bravo’s goal looked to me that it was not offside, either.