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Postgame Quotes: Revolution 1, Union 1

Postgame quotes after the Revolution and Union played to a 1-1 draw on July 31, 2010.

New England Manager Steve Nicol

On getting the tie:
As far as the goal is concerned, sometimes you need a bit of luck. We were quite comfortable. I think overall we deserved to get a point.

On the play of Marko Perovic:
That’s exactly what he (Perovic) does. That’s what he’s been doing since he came here. He’s got four goals I think in the last five games. You just know he’s capable of scoring at any time. With the shot he had at 1-1 that went over the bar, he got a wee nudge in the back which took him off balance, but he could have scored that one as well. He’s a guy that can score from nothing.

On the team’s recent turnaround:
I think defensively we’ve been making good decisions. Everybody’s been doing their job. It just takes a bit of magic from Perovic or somebody else and then we’re in a good spot. I think we’ve just got to galvanize and not concede needless goals.

Darius Barnes

On the Union’s first goal:
“It is tough to come back from but we showed good character and battled back and scored a goal. I feel like we definitely did better in the second half and it was unfortunate not to have gotten another one.”

On their performance in the second half:
“ In the second half we came in with a lot more intensity and application and we had a lot more chances. We feel like they probably played their best in the first half but we could definitely go up another two gears in the second half, and we were in the front for most of the second half.”

On the game result:
“It is not the best result but it is not the worst. We wanted to come here and get three points, that’s always our goal. It was our first playing them, they have some great players.”

Philadelphia Team Manager Peter Nowak

On the play of the new midfielder Coudet:
I think he (Coudet) did a good job, especially in his first league game with us. In a league game, It’s a little different. We weren’t sure he could go 90 minutes. He was distributing from the back and being active in trying to find the guys in front of him. It was very good and very positive. I think we can take a lot from this game, especially from his game today. We are looking forward to improving his game and also getting him to be a bit more involved in not only distributing the balls, but also being active in the attack.

On his reaction to the tie:
The whole group is pretty good. They still played pretty good ball. I think the soccer was not bad today. It was a great goal by Seba (Le Toux). The frustrating part is not just that we didn’t win the game, but some of the environment I think we need to improve. We can control what we can control. We have 18,000 very sophisticated fans and they know the game very well. It’s easy to get frustrated, it’s easy to be upset, but it’s not going to change the outcome of the game. If we score two or three goals, then we don’t have problems with the other stuff going on.

On the play of Mapp:
That’s why we made a trade. I think Justin (Mapp) has great potential. We looked at maybe giving him a start because Danny Mwanga was not 100 percent healthy today. We tried to manage that because we have a big stretch coming up with a lot of games. We gave Justin a run for 35 minutes, and we believe that going forward he’s going to help us. For us as a coaching staff, we have choices and options, and we’ll look at the lineup going forward. We have four games in two weeks, so that will be a help to us.

On how to prepare for the next stretch of games:
I think games like today make us stronger mentally and physically. We have big games coming up, and this result today will make them more hungry for a win. I think the physical part has always been good, and I believe it’s going to stay that way for the rest of the season. We have the option to manage the lineups as well, and give different players different minutes, so I think they are ready for a big stretch. It’s been good so far, and we’re getting stronger every single week.

On New England’s goal:
I saw the replay a couple minutes ago, and it was just a routine save and the ball jumped on something that was in front of Chris (Seitz). He was there to make a save. I don’t know if there was something on the ground or what, I have no idea. The ball just jumped in front of him and jumped high. Maybe it’s the jubalani again, I really don’t know. It was just a routine shot, it wasn’t a pretty shot, it just bounced from off the ground so high that it was difficult for Chris to manage it as soon as he went to the ground.

Chris Seitz

On the bounce the ball took to allow the goal:
“I was thinking this ball was headed toward the middle but it took a big bounce. I even think it hit the roof of the net. It just went straight up on me and I didn’t have enough time to react.”

On the possibility that the odd bounce was due to beat up ground around the goal:
“I am sure it had something to do with it but with that being said, it’s one of those things that happens and we have to push forward and get back to work.”

On the game today and the team’s record so far:
“Overall, I am a little bit frustrated with it. It was a short turnaround and it’s time for us to get back to work. We have a lot of games in the next couple weeks and hopefully we can put some good results together.

On the a odd bounce of the ball occurring before today’s game:
“It’s happened once or twice before total during practice, never in a game situation. In my mind set, I was telling myself to hold this ball and don’t give up a rebound and get the guys out. But when that ball takes that bounce, it’s all about trying to react to it. “

Alejandro Moreno

On the importance of the rhythm occurring with the other forwards:
“It’s important because sometimes it is difficult to break the defensive line with the ball. When you are sharp and the touches are nice and crisp, it makes it easier to find those spaces. Obviously we were able to create that with Sebastian’s goal, he was able to finish that. It was a high quality finish. We did that again a couple more times in the second half, but we were not able get the same finish. When we did have a shot on goal, the goal keeper seemed to make the save. It’s a difficult one for us to swallow because we thought we were the better team on the field.”

On how close he is to getting his first goal:
“I keep working and I keep doing my job. One of these ones will fall at some point. I am not discouraged, I keep my head up because I know that I do other things for this team and the work that I put in will be rewarded.”

Justin Mapp

On his first game with the Union
“It felt good, was good to get out there, great atmosphere. I wish I could have done more with the couple chances that I had to help us get the win. But it felt good to get out there, we really had the support behind us and it feels good to be here.”

On if his timing was a little off today:
“I may have been a little rusty. I have not really practiced a lot this week. I hope to get sharper here but it was good to get out there, get running with these guys. I wish we could have got the win but it was a pretty cool atmosphere.”

On his thoughts when he heard he was coming to Philadelphia:
“I did not know a whole lot about it. I knew it was a new expansion team. I knew Jordan Harvey from before. I was excited; when we played them in Chicago they actually dominated us. They have a good team and good players. I was excited about it and I am looking forward to it.”