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Postgame Quotes: Philadelphia 2, Revolution 1

Postgame quotes after the Revs fell to the Philadelphia Union at Gillette Stadium on August 28, 2010.

We were in total control. It took them 70 minutes before Bobby (Shuttleworth) had a save. The first goal, the guy took it well. The second goal is just disappointing from a lot of points. But at the end of the day, the way we defended and kept our shape and kept them out and kept them quiet for 80 minutes, it was great. But then you run out of legs eventually. Playing a man down, eventually, there’s going to be holes.

We went out tonight to get three points. And up until Cory (Gibbs) is sent off, we were pretty much sitting comfortable. One-nil up, Bob (Shuttleworth) hasn’t had a save to make, and then the referee’s decision totally changes the game.

When you’re playing a man down for nearly an hour, it’s tough. The guys stuck to the task well. Just a couple of let-downs really punched us. But if it’s 11 men versus 11 men, we win that game comfortably.

When you lose a game like this, it is very frustrating…three games in a row. That’s football, we have to deal with it. We have to forget it as soon as possible because we have an important game on Wednesday.

It was a bad finish for us, especially when you let in a goal in the last minute like this. For me, if you score and you don’t win, I forget about it.

We had a couple of set pieces where I thought we were going to nick one. It’s always tough, a man down, guys are out of position. We were throwing numbers forward, trying to get the win, but that’s what happens.

I take full responsibility - I muffed the clearance. I don’t know if we didn’t track runners, or what the problem was, but I probably should have had the ball off the clearance. We were stretched… but that’s soccer.

We were creating some good chances there in the beginning. We got the goal and I think we were comfortable. It’s always going to be tough when you have 10 men against nine.

I think we started okay. I think we stuck to the game play. They had the majority of possession, but they weren’t really creating anything too dangerous. They were going side to side and we were happy to let them do that. It was comfortable, and then two mistakes and we lose the game.

It’s frustrating as it is. It’s disheartening. It’s behind us. The MLS season for us has been a difficult one, and we’re in a difficult situation right now. We’ve got an opportunity to get some hardware, and get something out of the season. Our focus is on that.

Fresh legs always help. We just lost of focus for a second or two. I don’t know if they got lucky or it was our mistake or what, but it’s a tough on to take.

I think the whole group did a very good job after our last game on Sunday to prepare themselves for the game. I think on a night like tonight, the boys become the men. It looks like we got our mojo back. The movement of the ball, the passing – especially in the second half – gives us the life back.

I think as a group, as a team, we did a pretty good job defensively today to limit their chances. We are very confident in the back, which a very good sign to go forward. With the win tonight – especially against the team that is in front of us – was good for our confidence and going forward with the games we have left.

Every game is important. The way we played in the second half, especially the ball movement and the off-the-ball movement, the creation of the chances, was a good sign. One of those nights that your two youngsters, they score on goal. Roger (Torres) got in and did a very good job as well. It’s very positive to get three points and move forward.

The goal felt good. I just wanted to get out there and help the team. We had a goal by Jack (McInerney) and it was a good fight for the guys all around. I think that we definitely deserved to win in the end.

Coach just said, “Make a push.” We’re up a guy, pressure them and if we have the ball we need to attack. That was kind of the plan and it was just a matter of breaking them down.

We know we are in a tough position now but we have nine games left and if we put a string of wins together then there is no reason why we can’t come back into the hunt. Each game is going to be very important and we definitely haven’t given up by any means. So we’ll take it from the next game and hopefully come away with three points.