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Postgame Quotes: Chivas USA 2, Revolution 0

Postgame quotes after the Revs fell to Chivas USA at the Home Depot Center on September 10, 2010.

New England Revolution Head Coach Steve Nicol

On Chivas USA’s play:
They were fine. We made it easy for them. I’m sure they’ve enjoyed themselves tonight, but we made it easy for them by giving them the ball. Every time we had it, we gave it straight back to them.

On what the team can improve upon:
Most things, after tonight. We didn’t do anything well. I don’t think there’s one thing we can take out of the game tonight and say we did it well. Everything’s got to be better.

On what the team looks to take out of the remaining games:
Points. We want to see what people are made of, and certainly giving the ball away all the time just doesn’t help. You’re just under constant pressure for 90 minutes when you give the ball away, so we need to improve on that. This is the time for the guys to show me and everybody else what they’re made of.

New England Revolution forward Zach Schilawski

On the match:
They came out and pressured us a little bit, and were able to pick up some balls in their attacking half. We came out with the expectation of that’s what we wanted to do to them, press in their half. Unfortunately when things don’t go your way that early in the match, it is tough to come back.

On their early goal:
I think it kind of took the air out of us a little bit, especially when they got consecutive ones. I think if we’d been able to get into the half 1-0 we would’ve been able to have a little more energy going after it like we did last weekend. But two consecutive goals like that is tough, especially when we feel like we could’ve prevented them.

On the team’s attitude moving forward:
I think you try to keep looking at the positives. We’ve got a whole week off, we’ve had some Wednesday games and things like that. So we’ve got to get better in training, and it doesn’t get any easier. We’ve got a pretty tough stretch going here of four games against teams that have been proven to be pretty good.

Chivas USA Head Coach Martín Vásquez

On the match:
Solid team effort, that’s what I think about the game tonight. Offensively, defensively, I thought everybody was solid, and it’s a good win for us. It comes at a very good moment, a very good time.

On Alan Gordon’s play:
Two assists, helping us defensively on set pieces, great mobility, connecting; solid performance. I thought overall everybody had a solid performance. Him, adapting well, and today he was on. Talking to him, if he continues to give us these performances, he’ll start getting his share of goals as well. But tonight, with those two assists and helping us defend on set pieces, he’s going to help us a lot.

On the excellent start to the match:
We’ve been against the wall for most of the season. We just need to continue with this urgency to get three points, to get the wins, especially at home. After the tough week we had last week, the two losses, today they came in and they approached this game in a way that we need to approach every game from now on. Us coaches expect a response every game, but today they came out ready and it paid off.

Chivas USA forward Justin Braun

On the play of Alan Gordon:
Alan was huge for us tonight. He provided, he was holding the ball well and making some good passes. He had the two assists, and in my eyes that’s just as good as the goal. Without the assists you’re not going to get the goals. Alan had a great game for us tonight.

On not scoring more goals in the match:
We’re definitely happy with the win, but I’m sure when we go and look back at the tape we’ll know we could’ve put that game away a little quicker than we did. We’re going to take the win and be happy with it, and hopefully move into next weekend and we’ve got to win from here on out to earn that playoff spot.

Chivas USA forward Alan Gordon

On what he brings to Chivas USA:
I’ve been the same player, I play with a lot of energy, that’s what I’ve been trying to bring to the team, bringing some new energy and trying to give something that was missing.

On getting two assists in a match:
I’ve been getting assists my whole career. It’s something that probably is underestimated about me; I’m a good passer of the ball. The goals haven’t been coming but I’m glad to be able to contribute in any way.

On the team staying positive:
I think that our coaching staff did a good job with us, and the team has done a good job of staying together. We haven’t said die yet, and we’re going to try to make a push for the playoffs.